It is used to provide information about chapter or topic books and word and meaning in the dictionary. Database Indexing is defined based on its indexing attributes. institutions is based on records. index definition: 1. an alphabetical list, such as one printed at the back of a book showing which page a subject…. filing is the process of systematic and scientific preservation of official Economy: It should be economical in terms of money, space, and effort. An indexing rule maps a domain, an object type, and a life cycle state to a set of collections used … Basic Filing Terms. Indexing is not required if files are arranged in an alphabetical order. Indexing is the process of extracting text strings of attribute values from Windchill objects and sending them to a search engine that builds index collections optimized for searching. The objects of indexing are presented below. indexing definition: 1. present participle of index 2. to prepare an index for a book or collection, or arrange it in an…. Copyright © 2018-2021; All Rights Reserved. reference list used for locating a particular document in the filing equipment Indexing increases the utility of filing by providing an easy reference to the files. This method is not easy to operate. 3. When a large number of files are maintained, the necessity of maintaining index is increased. The purchase of indexing equipment requires heavy investment during initial period. 2. 2. For example, the table of content on the book. (BS) Developed by Therithal info, Chennai. To improve the efficiency of the office operation. Find another word for indexing. It is still in practice where number of files and letters are in limited. To rebuild the Windows Search index, head back to Control Panel > Indexing Options. Records refer to a document, utilized by an organization to carry out its various functions. Make sure you have a 'file in use' set of slips to be filled out showing: user, date out, date due back etc. Indexes typically contain both primary and secondary identifiers, which are designed to increase the efficiency of searching algorithms. For that a filing system is developed in every organization. Book Index . regards to meeting the financial commitments of the business and providing FILING AND INDEXING. It is putting the documents, letters There are two systems in traditional filing systems. Index is a ready-made guide, which is used to locate the required file. While business maintains the records to monitor and to record normal business 4. All files and folders are given separate numbers. This indexing process is a simple file management technique that organizes data into special file folders, similar to a file label in a file cabinet. Ans: The system of filing in which the files of persons or institutions are managed in drawer or cabinet according to numerical order is called numeric filing. Index is not only necessary to large office but also necessary to small office. Unit - Each part of a name is a unit. Programs and databases use these unique index labels to retrieve and store information. 4. The very purpose of maintaining index is that easy and quickly location of filing. n. 1. As far back as records were kept, hand written documents such as birth certificates were stored in folders and boxes based upon an agreed upon structure designed for easy document retrieval. Indexing is not only viewed as an aid to filing but also very much vital to filing. Learn more. One can trace the page number of a customer by referring first letter of the concerned customer. Photographic $1.00 per page . Therefore, an indicator (index) is necessary to locate the files. Therefore, proper attention should be devoted to ensure economical use in the end. document for future reference or evidence. These documents play a very important role in business operation and Use frequent sketches and diagrams to make computations clear. 7. The various files are maintained for different departments on various topics. Tags : Office Management and Secretaryship Office Management and Secretaryship, Study Material, Lecturing Notes, Assignment, Reference, Wiki description explanation, brief detail. Hence, there must be a correlation between the filing system and index method. Recent Examples on the Web Finally, the test team raved about the velvety finish and handsome indexing on the 34mm Leica. Notes | Business Studies HSEB Notes on Filing- Its Importance,Qualities, types and Classification Class : 11 Filing Records are the valuable assets of every organization. Indexing is an aid to filing as it serves as a guide to locate a particular file. Filing only keeps the record safely but indexing facilitates to find out the records easily and quickly. Indexing helps in quick identification of files and document in the filing system of office. 3. Primary Indexing 2. In this filing alphabetical index is required. 6. Noting Files In Use A file borrowed without a record of who has it, when it was removed from the filing system etc, is a file lost! Define filing. While the idea of indexing documents is new to many workers, the concept of structuring data for search and retrieval dates back centuries. Hence, for taking some decisions. Indexing - Indexing is determining the order and format of the units in a name. Before learning the 12 filing rules, an understanding of filing terms is necessary. (1) Creating tables (indexes) that point to the location of folders, files and records. SINCE 1828. It includes name, address, phone number, subject and other information along with file number. Indexing is the process of looking at files, email messages, and other content on your PC and cataloging their information, such as the words and metadata in them. the time of need. Synonyms: arrangement, assortment, cataloging… Antonyms: agglomeration, aggregation, amalgamation… Find the right word. Two main types of indexing methods are: 1. 1. It not only helps in the quick location of the document but also … The filing method under which files and folders are arranged in order of number is called numerical classification. Previous records are base of past records, and they are used as an immediate reference. ces (-dĭ-sēz′) 1. Indexing: as in arrangement, categorization. It is expensive because there is separate indexing. The very existence of business organizations, government and other social institutions is based on records. The names of customers or documents or other information are entered in a book in an alphabetical order under this type. If there are two parts in a name, the name has two units. Good record keeping is vital in Meaning of Records. Some importance of filing: It helps in increasing efficiency of office because filing helps in providing records in required time to make quick decisions; Filing helps in protection of important documents from fire, dust, insects, theft and mishandling. To state the key information regarding any subject in a condensed form. Keeping good records is very important to any business. Filing is a systematic process of arranging and keeping the business records for the future reference. Signaling: A tab or slip should be attached at the edge of the card or file. Meaning of Records: Records refer to a document, utilized by an organization to carry out its various functions. Filing systems can fail to operate effectively for a number of reasons such as overloading, duplication, lack of cross-referencing, obsolete correspondence, absence of a tracer system, inappropriate equipment, lengthy retrieval times, filing backlogs and an overall ad hoc approach to review and storage. For example, the location of file, supply of important information and the like. 8. Flexibility: The selected index system should have sufficient scope for expansion. Indexing means to inform or to guide the person for the easy and quick location of required files. Recording, indexing, and filing: First Page $10.00 . Indexing means an arranged system through which the required documents and papers are easily located for the speedy disposal of urgent and/or ordinary matters. 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