525.00 ₹ Available. $7.66 $ 7. It's known for being prepared with natural mineral water, and a "secret" Italian ingredient. The Macallan has characters and styles of dried fruit, nutmeg, and fruitcake. Manufactured by United Spirits Ltd., this Vodka brand is named after the Romanov dynasty that ruled the Russian empire from 1612 to 1917. Grey Goose Vodka. 1,750.00 ₹ Available. Ciroc Coconut Vodka Price In India - INR 5,450 for 750 ml. On the official website of Absolut Vodka you can watch the fantastic video. Reciclar Factory Absolut Vodka Bottle Tea Light Hurricane Candle Cover Trio Set. 42 Below Vodka Price In India - INR 2,550 for 750 ml. In fact Absolut is as clean as vodka can be. Ketel One Vodka Alcohol Content - 40% ABV. Artic Vodka Price In India - INR 1,600 for 750 ml. The classic vodka version of Fuel is therefore deprived of any flavor or taste.Besides distilling fuel vodka in various exotic aromas, Pernod Ricard also considers the requirement of discretion for women and younger drinkers in this country. Price Range: 500 INR for 700 ml Vodka. Indisputably one of the most famous vodka brands in the world, a bottle of Absolut Vodka is a sure find in almost all the bars you will visit. In fact, Absolut is as clean as vodka can be. Smirnoff is one of the best selling vodka brands in India, the US, and the world at large, and trust us when we say there's good reason to substantiate the reputation. White Mischief Ultra Pure Vodka Price In India - INR 453 for 750 ml. It's a high-quality Vodka that drinkers have relied on for several years, and the 30 year-old recipe has only gained more fame as time has passed. And since all vodka from Absolut is produced in Southern Sweden, our superb vodka tasted exactly the same then as it does now. Build ingredients over ice into a salt rimmed glass. First off, can we talk about how chic that bottle of Vodka is!? Eristoff is a Georgia Vodka brand, and the first Russian vodka developed in 1806 from the Northwest Province of Racha. Eristoff’s finest vodka is up made of 100% grain spirit, triple distillation, and then filtration by charcoal, a technique first established by the Russian distillers of the 18th century. In 2020, Bacardi India produces Eristoff. £102.31 Save £5.38. £14.96 ex VAT (£25.64 per litre) Add to Basket. The brand also includes flavoured Vodka drinks specially made for women in this price range.In some of the top restaurants in India, you can enjoy Vladivar vodka. 1. The brand is purely unique, innovative, and youthful. Add to Wishlist. A go-to vodka for most consumers in the Indian drinking scenario, Magic Moments is a Vodka brand from the Radico Khaitan company. Please let us know if you are allergic to any ingredients. Still, it has a certain taste: Rich, full-bodied and complex, yet smooth and mellow with a distinct character of grain, followed by a hint of dried fruit. Items in the same price range. $44.99 $ 44. Indisputably one of the most famous vodka brands in the world, a bottle of Absolut Vodka is a sure find in almost all the bars you will visit. Romanov. This best-tasting vodka is collected by a quadruple-chill filtration process giving it a premium taste. Multiple sizes offered for all your carrying needs. A025-b Absolut Vodka Country of Sweden Beer Neon Bar Sign. This is a premium Vodka from Russia that's famous for being purified with milk. Required fields are marked *. Considered to be one of the world's most awarded vodkas, 42 Below is soft and light on the tongue, and topped off with a smooth, well-balanced finish. Fuel Apple Vodka 750ml. Express delivery (Choose a day) From £6.95. Your email address will not be published. Russkiy Parliament Vodka Price In India - INR 960 for 750 ml. This vodka is produced and sold by Henkell & Company India Pvt Ltd from Berlin, Germany, but is packaged in India locally. The exceptional quality offered at a reasonable price, is what makes Reyka one of the best vodka brands in India and the world. With a strikingly smooth and pleasant pure grain taste, Red Bliss is one of the best affordable Vodka brands in India. Belvedere Vodka Price In India - INR 5,151 for 700 ml. The flavour is light, wheaty with hints of pepper, and makes for a drinking experience you won't forget anytime soon. Seagram's Fuel Vodka Alcohol Content - 42.8% ABV. Somthing Wonderful!!! In the beverage, the company sells it in 42.8% alcohol v/v. 99. This brand is synonymous with quality, a high level of purity, and mildness. Free delivery right at your place. Absolut Vodka Price In India - INR 2,884 for 750 ml. Absolut Vodka is still a unique character, in both design and taste. 29. There are multiple options you can take your pick from under the label of Smirnoff Vodka, from the classic triple distilled to honey and citrus twist, and all are equally delicious. Well done, keep it up! It's utterly delicious and exceptionally smooth in taste and feel, with a subtle spice and Vanilla aroma greeting your nose first thing. Magic Moments is a very smooth vodka. $4.99 shipping. Seagram's Fuel Vodka Price In India - INR 852 for 750 ml. Smirnoff Triple Distilled Vodka Price India - INR 1,462 for 750 ml. The fun fact is that the Vodka spirit was initially invented for medicinal purposes. GLENFIDDICH XX 0.7L BUY 2 GET 2 X 200 ML FREE ₹ ₹ 4450. This specific Remedial vodka has the one of several greatest amount of flavoured vodkas on the market. Due to its colourless & mild flavour, the beverage is a mixologist’s delight and a favourite part of a more comprehensive number of cocktails. Add to Wishlist. The result is a unique liquid that's immensely clean in taste and long in the finish. Though the name of this brand sound hardcore Russian, but is owned by an Indian brand, United Breweries Ltd. This vodka derived its name from the last Russian monarch Romanov Dynasty, which was overthrown by soviets in the Russian revolution. Romanov and White Mischief majorly control India’s domestic market, which in 2010 increased to 89%. In my opinion, in Romanov’s case, it’s because of two reasons: Extreme taste and Pocket-friendly. Affordable clubs and college students consume this Vodka brand. Cheaply priced, Romanov vodka is very smooth to consume either neat, with some water or mixed (with any coke or sprite). This is a 100% pure grain vodka with a crisp, clean and delightfully fruity taste, making it a hit in the Indian market. Magic Moments Vodka Alcohol Content - 40% ABV. This is once again a blue-and red-packed translucent Vodka Bottle. A good Vodka label popular cheap vodka brands in India and is sufficiently good for our populous country’s sales. It is again a product of the world-renowned United Breweries group with a high-quality rating from the International Taste and Quality Institute (ITQI) achieved standards. It is made by a process in which the taste, flavours, and smoothness are aligned with young vodka enthusiasts’ flamboyance, threefold to the highest levels of purity.If you don’t want a very expensive vodka and want to get tipsy at a party, it comes in your budget. White Mischief is an almost neutral, tasteless tasting vodka. These characteristics enable White Mischief Vodka to be blended with any juice or soft drinks. There’s a special flavour of strawberries that women prefer. Cheers is the largest online liquor store in Nepal that offers an extensive selection of genuine domestic and foreign liquors, beverages, cigarettes, and mixers. Ciroc Snap Frost Vodka Price In India - INR 4,850 for 750 ml. One of the best vodka brands in India and the world, Finlandia Vodka is smooth enough to drink by itself but also a fantastic mixer for classic vodka cocktails. Historical facts based on various subjects, Information about the beautiful nature around us & an effort for conservation, Here we will see different posts related to Media & Pop cultue, Different fascinating places of the world, Lists about various business & financial facts, Tastiest facts about cuisine & taste cultures around the world, Interesting & genuine facts about famous personalities, Strange & odd facts with funny information, Interesting facts about various video games & related aspects, Highly entertaining novel interesting facts around the world, Vodka is a colourless and odourless drink is made from potatoes or grains, originated in the Eastern European regions, namely Russia.Â, The volume of alcohol in it is around 20-50% v/v and is typically colourless.Â. Belvedere Vodka Alcohol Content - 40% ABV. Save my name, email, and website in this browser for the next time I comment. Region. The taste of vodka is relatively milder compared to other alcoholic beverages. How we pack ; 14 Day returns ; Absolut is one of the world's best-selling vodka brands. Absolut Vodka was first launched in New York in 1979. Brandy. But the recipe behind the pure and natural taste of Absolut is actually older than 30 years. Act 1950--%> Corrigendum for Excise and Temperance Policy 2017-18 & 2018-19 Absolut Vodka Alcohol Content - 40% ABV . Absolut Vodka in Mumbai - View Menus, Photos, Reviews and Information for restaurants serving Absolut Vodka in Mumbai on Zomato. Ciroc Red Berry Vodka Price In India - INR 8,620 for 750 ml. It soon became the talk of the town, in the US and eventually of the world. I mean, you know a spirit is probably going to live up to your expectations when just the container makes you want to buy it! Wodka Gorbatschow has a quite distinct taste, and after consumption, many connoisseurs will feel its light softness. Stir with ice in a tall glass. 790.00 ₹ Available. Available in 40% ABV (blue label) and 50% ABV (red label).. Users have rated this product 3 out of 5 stars. Brand: Absolut Model: 7312040090754 Our easy-to-use app shows you all the restaurants and nightlife options in your city, along with menus, photos, and reviews. The bottle in itself is so fancy, it's hard to believe the liquid inside it is even more satisfying! Interestingly, the name of this popular vodka comes from the geographic coordinate of where it's made, which is at a latitude of 42 degrees below the equator! All prices are in Indian Rupees and inclusive of all applicable government taxes. Absolut Vodka Price In India - INR 2,884 for 750 ml. Sweetest Purse, Clutch, Carry-all, Pencil case, or Toiletries bag ever? More info Add to Wishlist. Multibuy Deal x 6. If you are an enthusiastic alcohol lover who wants to try something else than Whisky or Rum, try any of these top 10 best vodka brands in India: Flavors: Cherry Noir, Grey Goose Regular, L’ Orange, La Poire and Le Citron, Flavors: Plain, Green apple, Vanilla, Orange, Flavors: Eristoff Red (sloe berry flavor), Eristoff Black (wild berry flavor), Eristoff Lime (lime flavor), Eristoff Gold (caramel flavor), Eristoff green (green apple flavor), Eristoff blood orange (orange flavor), Top 10 Most Expensive Whiskies in the World, Flavors: Absolut Citron, Absolute Peach, Absolut Kurnat, Absolut Mandarin, Absolut 100 and Absolute Pepper, Flavors: Orange Zest (Orange+Pepper), Green Apple (Green Apple+Mint) and Vladivar Lemon Zest (Lemon+Mint), Top 10 Weirdest Fruits Exotic but Surprisingly tasty, Flavors: Smirnoff Vanilla, Smirnoff Lime, Smirnoff Green Apple, and Smirnoff Orange, Price: 600-790 for 750 ml (depends on flavor), Flavors: Strawberry+Ginseng, Mango+Mint and Green Apple+Cinnamon, Plain strawberry, Flavors: Plain, Orange, Green Apple, Lemon, Lemongrass and Raspberry. Grey Goose Vodka Alcohol Content - 40% ABV. 25ml Banana Liqueur. All orders are custom made and most ship worldwide within 24 hours. At Urban Drinks you can buy the right Likör Absolut Tune at reasonable conditions - compare the prices and test the exceptional spirits creation. Price and other details may vary based on size and color. It is important to compare prices with other vodkas of the same presumed quality. The classic Smirnoff carries notes of vanilla, grain, citrus and pepper, and offers a rich flavour experience at a price that won't dent a hole through your wallet. White Mischief is India's largest-selling Vodka brand with a whopping market share of about 48% in the regular vodka category. Standard delivery (3-5 Working Days) From £4.95. Absolut Vodka is a Swedish vodka made exclusively from natural ingredients, and unlike some other vodkas, it doesn’t contain any added sugar. If there's a singular spirit that deserves to be awarded as the life of the party, it's got to be vodka. Shaker Full of Ice. Commonly known as Stoli, this is one of the most popular vodka brands in the global market, one that's often titled as a must-have in a home bar by most enthusiasts. Ciroc Vodka gets its remarkable taste and quality from two different kinds of French grapes and a five-time distillation process. will give your breath a strong smell when consumed. Stolichnaya Vodka Alcohol Content - 40% ABV. Absolut Vodka Prices How Does Absolut Pricing Compare? Merida is a company which was established just to show that the Taiwanese cycles are not less than any other ... Read More. They come in premium tastes and flavors like Orange, Apple, Lemon and many additional varieties, hard to find in India. This vodka is a popular product of the United Breweries Group and a common among the masses. The clean taste and extraordinary smoothness of Vladavir, the number two vodka brand in the UK, is formally devised by a third-generation master distiller by the triple distillation process. The grain and the charcoal are 100% pure and have the highest transcendent pureness when filtered. That is a wonderful combination of this premium vodka of Vladi, which gives it a super-smooth taste.In India, there is only the classical version of Vladivar vodka. Trust us when we say this Vodka will exceed your expectations. Your email address will not be published. Ketel One Vodka Price In India - INR 3,210 for 750 ml. Let's get a move on this list then, shall we? Respected by fans across the globe for its purity and excellent quality, this premium vodka brand is packed with a delicate, crisp and clean taste. 3-4 Mint Leaves. Eristoff Vodka 750ml. This colorless and fragrant drink still has many health benefits.Share this post with your vodka lovers on social media.Cheers🍸! Grey Goose enjoys a stellar reputation as one of the most popular vodkas in the world and also one of the best-selling vodka brands not just in India, but across the globe. All by itself, or thrown into the most classic cocktail mixes, Vodka is the definition of liquid courage. Still ridiculously curious about creativity, collaborations and art. The price is Rs 2000 for 750 ml, Rs 675 for 200 ml and Rs 220 for 50 ml. Okay, even if you don't agree, trust us when we say there's a reason Skyy Vodka is the fifth biggest premium vodka brand in the world. Magic Moments Remix Flavoured Vodka Price India - INR 1,076 for 750 ml. 4.6 out of 5 stars 51. ;Jagermeister relates easily with Indians who have traveled abroad. Official website of Absolut vodka claims, it is distilled using a unique variety of wheat peculiar to south Sweden . With a smell that can't be described in any other words than absolutely lovely and an excellent taste that's both gentle and smooth, if you haven't tried Grey Goose vodka yet, please do the first chance you get! Absolut vodka ranks among the top 10 liquor brands of the world. Add to Wishlist. Macallan distillery, founded in 1824, is located in Moray and was one of the first Scottish distilleries to be legally licensed. Absolut Mandrin Vodka 750ml. One of the top Indian vodkas, definitely recommended. Romanov Vodka Alcohol Content - 42,8% ABV. And still the key player for the perfect mix in any social occasion. Jagermeister Prices . Distilled from 100% wheat, Ketel One is an ultra-smooth vodka meant for those who prefer no frills. Patron Tequila Silver 1L ₹ ₹ 4450. This French vodka is undoubtedly one of the most famous vodkas in the world, known for its light fruity flavours and instant ability to get a party going. Approved Rate List 2020-2021. 1 Teaspoon Sugar. When Finnish six-row barley and glacial spring water come together, the result is the best-selling vodka you are looking at right now. It’s a brand from France, having its creative origins from Russia.Founded by Sidney Frank in 1990, this is one of the only brands of vodka to be distilled with French tradition, Maître de Chai.The distinct taste of vodka can only be produced during the complex filtration process.You can buy Grey Goose vodka in various flavours in India.Try this vodka because the distillers make it of wheat from the Picardy region of France. The distillation process also comprises transporting its distillate to the region of Champagne, where Grey Goose is finished before it’s available in the market.Sidney saw an opportunity in the spirit market for “high-end vodka” and started manufacturing Grey Goose. Free delivery right at your place. #flex #party #studentlife #jagermeister #staghouse . Absolut Kurant Vodka 750ml. We can’t get anything in this COVID 19 Lockdown. Magic Moments Vodka comes from Asia’s second-largest distillery, Radico Khaitan, which also owns Contessa (one of the best Indian rums). Launched back in 2006 with Pure Blends and Smoothness, Magic Moments is triple distilled, rice grain gluten-free.Several international awards have been awarded, not only for its standard variation but also for its six flavors. Magic Moments is distilled using the most refined Indian grains. It is tripled filtered by a unique secret process, ensuring its crisp taste and almost no aromas. Magic Moments say that, while drinking, their vodka has a “smooth as silk” taste.Indeed, Magic Moments is the best vodka brand in India with an affordable price you can buy for your next party. $35.29 $ 35. Vladivar Vodka Price In India - INR 583 for 750 ml. Absolute Mango. Image Courtesy - Vodka Me Vodka Wordpress. A few rounds of shots of the clear liquid are known to result in a fabulous night and a clean memory slate. This iconic Vodka brand packs a pure spirit distilled from selected grain, and filtered through Russian birch charcoal and quartz sand. And what about Romanov? We offer rare, limited edition and premium products and we continue to seek for more. When life gives you lemons....just add Vodka! Absolut Vodka is an alcoholic brand in southern Sweden, manufactured near Åhus, and is a subsidiary of the French group, Pernod Ricard. After Bacardi and Smirnoff, it’s the world’s third-largest vodka brand that serves in 126 countries. This fine alcoholic drink is the smoothest vodka, with 400 years of Swedish tradition behind it. Absolut has maintained the tradition of pure and perfect Swedish Vodka, using pure Swedish water from Ahus and wheat grown in the surrounding countryside. The Absolut Vodka makes this alcoholic drink up in 27 different variants and the most attractive bottles with excellent packaging.The miniatures, in particular, are adorable and even better. A gift to vodka lover in the budget seems to have a set in 7 different Absolut flavours in miniatures is a perfect present. Distilled four times and filtered thrice, this American vodka has a fine smoothness and a medium body. So is the 18th century medicine bottle found in an antique store in Stockholm, Sweden that gave inspiration to the iconic Absolut Vodka bottle. One of the best selling vodka brands in India, Vladivar Vodka is lauded for its sophisticated flavour mix and immensely reasonable pricing. Vodka is a clear, high-strength alcoholic beverage made from two base ingredients; ethanol and water. Finlandia Vodka Price In India - INR 3,056, Finlandia Vodka Alcohol Content - 40% ABV. Vodka Price: 700-800 for 750 ml; Flavors: Plain, Green apple, Vanilla, Orange ; This vodka is produced and sold by Henkell & Company India Pvt Ltd from Berlin, Germany, but is packaged in India locally. Smirnoff is a world-famous vodka brand and is the best brand in India. Pyotr Arsenievich Smirnov launched this vodka brand in Moscow back in the mid-1800s.Shortly after its launch in India, Smirnoff captured a significant part of the country’s liquor market.Diageo USA claimed that the Smirnoff was the world’s largest vodka brand considering total alcohol sales by March 2006. An Indian Whiskey named Officer Choice was officially dethroned from its position in 2014. Also, the 2012 World Spirits Awards were awarded the Gold Medal for producing the best vodka.This vodka has a three-fold distilling process and prepares vodka’s content from the purest and most refined grains. $12.99 shipping. Absolut Vodka was first launched in New York in 1979. £75.99. Pay by cash on delivery or card on delivery. Normally, I don’t know anything about vodkas. The absence of sugar or additives is what makes this spirit one of the most respected organic vodka brands in the world. Shop Duty Free Products at your leisure! Top up with Ginger Ale. It's priced reasonably, especially considering the decent character it brings to the bottle. Belvedere Vodka is made from Polska Rye and is distilled four times, as dictated by 600 years of the custom of making vodka in Poland. More info Add to Wishlist. Web Exclusive Price. Cheers is the largest online liquor store in Nepal that offers an extensive selection of genuine domestic and foreign liquors, beverages, cigarettes, and mixers. Giving credit where it's due, the Russians really know how to make a phenomenal Vodka, a fact you will experience when you grab a bottle of Stoli. The second-largest vodka brand of India in the deluxe segment is Seagram’s Fuel Vodka. It's known for being filtered carefully to achieve high levels of purity. In Georgia, Gorjestan, the Persian word is the Eristoff logo of a wolf howling at the crescent moon, meaning “land of the wolf.” Officers and business leaders in mature groups especially, actively consume it in a very delicate, sophisticated manner. In the Indian market, Eristoff is gaining momentum quickly as one of the top vodka brands in India and is now widely accepted by consumers. Deemed to be one of the best vodka brands in the Indian market, Seagram's Fuel gives you access to an extraordinarily smooth drinking experience especially considering the inexpensive price a bottle is placed at. With over a thousand references, we offer the widest range of wines, champagnes, whiskies, rums and so much more. Try magic moments for the best performance. Red Bliss Vodka Price In India - INR 500 (Approx.) In the beverage, the company sells it in 42.8% alcohol v/v. One of the best-selling affordable vodka brands you can get your hands on, Parliament Vodka carries a distinct smoothness that's easy to sip on neat as well as mix with a number of refreshing cocktails. Smirnoff Vodka Alcohol Content - 35% to 50%. Items of the same type. Image Courtesy - Zkhiphani . It's a pocket-friendly Vodka, that's surprisingly pleasant in taste with dominant hints of spice. It is also one of Germany’s most consumed spirits. White Mischief Ultra Pure Vodka Alcohol Content - 42.8% ABV. Notify me when the price drops . The best memories are the ones you don't remember? Red Bliss Vodka Alcohol Content - 42.8% ABV. This is one of the smoothest vodkas you will taste, with a slick and moderately full body brought together with the most subtle hints of sweetness and lemon. Absolut - Citron Vodka - 750ml Absolut Citron was good news for "vodka on the rocks with a twist of lemon" fans back in the 80's (and there were lots of them). Instead of mixing it with cocktails and food, we can best enjoy this Slavic drink on the rocks, enjoying its pure taste. Usually, I love drinking Whiskey. 125ml Grapefruit juice. Price; Absolut Vodka: 750ml: $21.99: 1.75l: $33.99: Absolut Citron Vodka: 750ml: $21.99: 1.75l: $31.99: Absolut Lime Vodka: 750ml: $21.99: 1.75l: $31.99: Absolut Strawberry Juice Edition: 750ml: $20.99: Absolut Mandrin Vodka: 750ml: $20.99: Absolut Vanilla Vodka: 750ml: $20.99: Absolut Grapefruit Vodka: 750ml: $20.99: Absolut Apple Juice Edition: 750ml: $20.99: Absolut Pears: 750ml: $20.99: Absolut … Add to Wishlist. Grey Goose Lecitron 1L GET A BAG FREE ON PURCHASE OF ₹ 10000 AND ABOVE ₹ ₹ 4450. Rent a scooter – 100-300 Rupees (1.19-3.57 £) depending on the term. More info Add to Wishlist. A good quality Russian vodka brand will smell mild lemon or berries.If you are an enthusiastic alcohol lover who wants to try something else than Whisky or Rum, try any of these top 10 best vodka brands in India: Grey Goose is one of India’s leading imported premium vodka brands. We've been sure to accommodate different budgets and drinking preferences so you'll find everything from the most popular vodka brands, to the cheapest vodka in India, and from organic vodka to the most famous vodka brands in the world. Share it: on Twitter on Facebook on LinkedIn. Quantity: Add to Basket. But isn't that how the quote goes? It's international online strategy have paid recently and it is regarded as a truly exceptional rum in several locations on earth. It soon became the talk of the town, in the US and eventually of the world. Create your Eristoff Triple Distilled Premium Vodka Price In India - INR 1,072 for 750 ml. Buy Absolut Vodka Online. It has a smooth and mellow flavour, and the clear bottle is as iconic as it gets! Russkiy Parliament Vodka Alcohol Content - 40% ABV. It's a triple distilled rice grain spirit, and comes in a staggering variety of flavours that appeal to distinct Vodka preferences. This excellent brand of vodka is available in different flavours in the Indian and global markets. Compare Add to Wishlist. for 750 ml. Chivas Extra 1L BUY 2 GET 15% OFF ₹ ₹ 4450. Sweden is a country located on the Scandinavian Peninsula in northern Europe. Salty Dog. free online dukaan, Your Guide To The 16 Best-Selling Rum Brands In India, Here's A List Of The 30 Best-Selling Whisky Brands In India. And first up, is a journey through the best vodka brands one can (and should) get in India. How is Magic moments, tastewise? Sweden . Its distilled by the Nolet family in Schiedam, the Netherlands, and the spirit is highly revered for bridging the gap between traditional distilling techniques and modern ways of making vodka. This Vodka has been honored as the 2 star rating by International Taste and Quality Department. Stolichnaya Vodka Price In India - INR 2,224 for 750 ml. Just have a look at the price. Featuring next on the list is a Swedish brand called Absolut, which is known for its amazing flavor in addition to exquisite bottle design. 1,750.00 ₹ Available. Because in that case, there's nothing that works quite as well as vodka does. Order online or call us at 01-4265008. Click & Collect (Mon-Fri 10am - 5pm) Free. £17.95. Belvedere Vodka 1L BUY 2 GET 12% OFF ₹ ₹ 4450. 1 ounce of water. This exceptional vodka is famous for being made with water from a volcanic spring in New Zealand, which makes it one of the purest vodkas in the world. By starting a revolution in cocktail creation and launching a range of flavours never before seen on the market, Absolut has become an icon in its own right. Magic Moments Premium Grain Vodka Price In India - INR 852 for 750 ml. The spirit is clean and refreshing, and the quality is remarkable. Touted to be the first green vodka in the world, Reyka Vodka is widely known for its unique sustainable distillation process using geothermal energy, and ingredients like glacial water drawn from lava fields and volcanic filtration. If you are looking for other products from the Swedish house, you are guaranteed to find them in our online shop! Maharaja’s Express Price in INR ( Rupees Tariff ) TheMaharajaExpress.org is pleased to announce the introduction of the INR Tariff ( Rupee Tariff ) for Indian Nationals ( including ... Read More.